Saturday, 30 January 2021 13:24

Panel discussion with WIUT Rectors

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On 29th January 2021, Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) held a panel discussion on the achievements of the university over the past 19 years, its future development strategy and what the future holds for higher education in Uzbekistan.

This discussion is notable for the fact that, for the first time, it gathered together under one roof the rectors who have governed the University throughout its 19 years of existence - Abdumalik Dzhumanov, Komiljon Karimov, the current rector Bakhrom Mirkasimov, as well as the Deputy rector on student affairs  Nizom Kadirov. This created the conditions for a thorough and wide-reaching discussion and strategic analysis.

“We have achieved a lot in nineteen years, but our plans go much further, and our goals are much broader. This date, like a short break in the middle of a long race, allows you to stop for a second and comprehend what we have already achieved and what we are striving for now”- Rector of WIUT, Bakhrom Mirkasimov.

During the discussion, the current and former rectors outlined the stages of the University's development over the past 19 years, the achievements the university has made, and also the milestones set out for the University’s future development. The rectors, as professionals with extensive academic experience, shared their vision of the prospects and directions for the development of higher education in Uzbekistan.

Speakers emphasized the importance of introducing modern teaching and learning methods into the country's educational system, the use of digital technologies and the development of students' ability to both compete effectively and cooperate fruitfully.

After the discussion, a Q&A session was held, where guests, including students, deans of departments, and teaching staff, were able to receive more detailed answers on topics covered in the discussion, as well as to learn about the factors involved in the decision-making process of the rectors on certain issues.

The event was followed by a gala dinner dedicated to the 19th anniversary of the university.