Monday, 03 May 2021 11:33

Rector meets with WIUT students

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Rector meets with WIUT students
On April 30th, the Rector of WIUT, Bakhrom Mirkasimov, together with First Deputy Rector on Academic Affairs, Michael Clarke, and Deputy Rector for Youth Affairs, Nizom Kadirov, met with General Course Representatives to share and discuss ideas for the improvement of academic and the social experience of students at the University.
The Rector drew special attention to the quality of education and students’ academic discipline and integrity adding that it is necessary to constantly improve and develop the level of training and education of future graduates.
During the meeting, General Course representatives spoke on behalf of their fellow students to connect students with the University administration, to bring student views to the attention of staff on relevant courses, departments, as well as raising issues and examples of good practice at the University.