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Director of CPLE (Center for Professional and Lifelong Education)

Department: Center for Professional and Lifelong Education (CPLE)

Reports to: Deputy Rector Research and Innovation

Duty station: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Opening date: 03.11.2022

Deadline: 11.12.2022

WIUT Background

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is the first international university in Uzbekistan to offer a Western-style education with UK qualifications. WIUT was established in 2002 in conjunction with the "UMID" Presidential Foundation, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, and the University of Westminster in London. WIUT is still a young university with nearly 4,500 students and more than 150 full-time faculties, but with an established presence and a growing international reputation. WIUT has blended the traditions and standards of British education with the culture and environment of Central Asia.

WIUT’s development strategy is based on three strategic affairs of the University: Student Experience, Staff Experience, and Society Engagement. Our Strategic Priorities are focused on enhancing these three pillars by Strengthening, Smartening and Sustaining them. For more information: http://www.wiut.uz/

Summary of Position and Key Responsibilities

The purpose of this role is to support the delivery of the University’s strategic plan through the provision of structured development programmes, executive courses and consultancy, corporate training, staff professional development and lifelong learning under one umbrella. This post is a new position. Taking strategic direction from the senior leadership of the University, the post-holder will create, deliver an integrated and structured suite of development activities which responds to the University’s identified needs and provides comprehensive support for staff to increase their effectiveness in current and future roles. The post holder will provide appropriate support to the University’s international partners and is an important part of this activity.

The Director of CPLE will lead, manage, develop and coordinate the University’s business engagement and professional development strategy.


  • Provide strategic direction and leadership for the creation and delivery of CPLE to academic staff groups across the University and outside stakeholders such as alumni, public and private organisations;
  • Assess current and future requirements to support strategic aims in conjunction with the University’s senior management;
  • Research best practice to enable best design of University provision;
  • Project manage the implementation and review of CPLE provision;
  • Meet the development needs of the University in the specific areas of teaching, learning, assessment and supervision; Respond to development needs identified from departments, Faculties and individuals to provide appropriate institutional solutions;
  • Support the provision of development solutions to enable the development of current and future senior leaders in the University and provide appropriate support to identified requirements resulting from formal succession and talent management processes;
  • Ensure that there is regular review and improvement of development provision based on employee feedback.



  • Postgraduate degree in Education, Social Sciences, Psychology or other relevant discipline;
  • Fluent in written and oral English, Uzbek and/or Russian. 


  • At least 5 years’ experience in professional and lifelong education;
  • Experience in management skills;
  • Evidence of team leadership and working with teams;
  • Evidence of reporting and presentation skills;
  • Evidence of analytical experience, intelligence gathering or related research experience;
  • Evidence of working within teams. 


  • An understanding of the educational environment or similar professional environments;
  • An ability to think creatively, able to produce practical results;
  • Managerial skills, in managing professionals and managing across areas;
  • A strong sense of corporate commitment to the mission and objectives of the University;
  • Information systems skills;
  • Communication skills with a professional audience;
  • Strong interpersonal, presentational, and social skills;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Goal-oriented;
  • Business acumen;
  • Highly effective communicator. 

How to Apply

To apply please complete the application form online and upload only:

  • Cover letter
  • CV

(you can skip other attachments in the application form)

 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

 Review other job vacancies at https://www.wiut.uz/job-wiut 


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