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Head of Marketing and Communications Department

Department: Marketing and Communications

Reports to: Director of Administration

Duty station: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Opening date: 16.11.2022

Deadline: 12.12.2022


WIUT Background

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is the first international university in Uzbekistan to offer a Western-style education with UK qualifications. WIUT was established in 2002 in conjunction with the "UMID" Presidential Foundation, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, and the University of Westminster in London. WIUT is still a young university with nearly 4,500 students and more than 150 full-time faculties, but with an established presence and a growing international reputation. WIUT has blended the traditions and standards of British education with the culture and environment of Central Asia.

WIUT’s development strategy is based on three strategic affairs of the University: Student Experience, Staff Experience, and Society Engagement. Our Strategic Priorities are focused on enhancing these three pillars by Strengthening, Smartening and Sustaining them. For more information:

Summary of Position and Key Responsibilities

Head of Marketing and Communications Department is expected to undertake responsibilities for the development of the University’s Marketing Strategy, to manage on a day to day basis the Marketing and Communications Department, as the line management of the staff, its resources and operation.

The Marketing department was created in 2003 and is fundamental to the success of the University and represents an investment for the future of WIUT. It is also the first such function in a University in Uzbekistan. This post is a key post in the management of the office, assisting the Director on Administration in the strategic management of the marketing function. 

Principal Responsibilities

  • To create and manage the implementation of the Marketing strategy as agreed by the Executive of the University, the associated campaign, promotional and related plans;
  • To manage the PR Section and show the stability and success of our brand;
  • To manage the Section for Student Promotions and ensure continuous improvement of a student recruitment strategy, so that the University achieves its student recruitment target;
  • To work with all departments, in particular the Faculty to develop the capacity and capability of the university to respond to its markets, identify new markets and the strategies to address such markets;
  • To report any risks and negative outcomes derived from the analysis of the environment to the Executive;
  • To manage of the marketing office and the day-to-day support for Marketing and Communications Department Team, as well as being the line manager of the staff in this Department;
  • To manage the implementation of the various activities of the Marketing and Communications Department and to ensure the coordination and team development of all areas;
  • To assist the Director on Administration in the deployment of resources (both staff and materials) in a manner consistent with the objectives of the service as a whole;
  • To undertake appropriate duties in consultation with the Director on Administration.

Person Specification

The appointee should be able to demonstrate the following:


  • First degree, preferably in Marketing, Management or related area (Master's degree preferred)
  • Training in Marketing related practices
  • Be competent in English, Uzbek and Russian both oral and written.


  • At least 5 years’ experience of marketing practice, preferably in education or an industry that is related to Marketing;
  • Experience in management;
  • Evidence of team leadership and working with teams;
  • Evidence of Marketing management, including the day to day management experience;
  • Evidence of reporting and presentation of intelligence and strategies.

Aptitudes, Abilities, Skills and Personal Qualities

  • An understanding of the educational environment or similar professional environments
  • An ability to think strategically and creatively, able to adopt ideas and to produce practical results.
  • Managerial skills, in managing professionals and managing across areas
  • A strong sense of corporate commitment to the mission and objectives of the University.

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