About LRC

The library of WIUT is similar to the library of Westminster University in London. We don't put any restriction on usage of library facilities. All visitors have an open access to all available resources. Our staff is striving to increase visibility and opportunities for researchers. From the very beginning, the WIUT LRC has taken an advantage of the latest technology in creating digital catalogues for faster and easier access to it's resources. The WIUT LRC is considered one of the best equipped libraries in Uzbekistan and it has a wide selection of textbooks, fiction books, a big collection of preparation guides for academic English and teaching skills, journals, newspapers, student’s final projects and educational CD, DVD materials.

Our Mission

Learning Resource Center of WIUT provides quality and reliable print and electronic resources and innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual inquisitiveness and to facilitate learning and research processes. It is an essential component of the academic and creative life of the university because of its accessibility, sustainability, and credibility.
Our Vision - is to become a hub of knowledge in order to ensure quality and diversity of teaching, learning and research activities in WIUT.
Strategic goals 
-To provide students enhancement and assist in their learning endeavor;
- To assist academic programs by providing contemporary and most relevant resources;
- To maintain an innovative, collaborative, respectful, and friendly learning environment within LRC by attracting the most valuable resources to LRC and provide the easiest, prompt, and full access to them


Contact Us

Phone: +998(71) 238 74 20
Email: lrc@wiut.uz
Working Hours: Mon-Fri | 9 am - 8 pm
Saturday 10 am - 3 pm during the academic year
Mon-Fri | 9 am - 6 pm on holidays