Pre-Foundation Studies (CPFS)

The course in Pre-Foundation Studies (CPFS) is designed for students of Tashkent lyceums/colleges who wish to study at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT). The main purpose of the CPFS is to improve the English and Mathematics skills of future entrants to WIUT. The modules are delivered in part-time mode, where the same Academic Quality Assurance process and academic delivery structure with WIUT university courses are applied. The classes are held in the first or second halves of a day, depending on the time of classes for students in their lyceums/colleges. The modules are divided into 2 Levels: CPFS Level 1 and Level 2. Upon successful completion of both modules at CPFS Level 2, students can apply for the entrance to Level 3 – International Foundation Studies – which is the first year of the University studies.

Admission schedule for WIUT Certificate in Pre-Foundation Studies (CPFS), intake 2020-2021

CPFS online application
June 13th to July 25th 
CPFS offline application
July 27th to August 3rd 
CPFS entrance exam
August 12th

Note: Above dates are subject to change


Module name   Duration Prerequisites 
Math Yearlong None
English Yearlong None


Entry requirements for the Certificate of Pre Foundation Studies have been set in order to select potential students who have proven academic ability and are able to demonstrate a solid foundation of skills in both Mathematics and English. Intending students should meet the following criteria:
For more information on entrance exams please download the documents below.
CPFS entrance exam specifications
Writing criteria
English Exam sample questions
Math Exam sample questions