WIUT Math Exam is one of the main testing tools assessing candidates who plan to enter to CIFS Course or transfer to one of the Undergraduate Degree Courses at WIUT. Equivalents to WIUT Math Exam are: SAT, GCSE, WIUT Basic of Quantitative Skills in Quantitative Methods module at level 2 (pre-university). 

In order to provide the applicants with a chance to demonstrate their proficiency in Math, which is an entry requirement to University, WIUT offers applicants an opportunity to take an ONLINE Maths Entrance Examination.

In favour of Applicants and taking into account that online mode is different from the traditional exams, we extended the exam duration from 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. 


In order to assist you to successfully pass the test you will be provided with:

  2. VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS – Click to Watch
  3. PRACTICE EXAM – Click to Try– Please refer to the schedule below to find out the date you can take the practice exam online.
  4. You are recommended to test your microphones/audio and webcam here.
  5. All applicants must enter the exam link 45 minutes prior to the exam starts.
  6. You can find out more information regarding admission in FAQ. 
Online Math Exam Schedule

Your rescheduled exam date/time

Your initial exam date

17 June (Wednesday): 

1st slot 11.00 

2nd slot 16.00.

If you registered for 16 June (initially 4 April)

18 June (Thursday): 

1st slot 11.00

2nd slot 16.00.

If you registered for 16 June (initially 4 April)

23 June (Tuesday)

If you registered for 29 April

30 June (Tuesday)

If you registered for 12 May

7 July (Tuesday)

If you registered for 29 May

14 July (Tuesday)

If you registered for 12 June

21 July (Tuesday)

If you registered for 30 June

28 July (Tuesday)

If you registered for 28 July

6 August (Thursday)

If you registered for 6 August


To Applicants

Applicants MUST be registered for or have taken an IELTS exam BEFORE they can register for the Mathematics Entrance Examination. Mathematics Entrance exam places are only available for those who are finishing the Lyceum/College/School or equivalent as a minimum. Evidence of both must be provided during the mathematics entrance exam registration process.

Places for each Exam are limited

If you already have proof of mathematics proficiency (WIUT Mathematics entrance exam result, SAT, GCSE or equivalent) Apply to WIUT for further instructions.
You can register for another Mathematics Entrance exam only in the following cases:
  • your result is 39% or less;
  • you register by the deadline for available exams;
  • there are places available to sit the exam;
  • your documentary evidence is complete and valid.
Fee for Maths Entrance Exam 2020
The number of entrants has grown and so, therefore, have the costs of administration of the exam. The fee amount for Maths Exam is 150 000 UZS and will be used to cover the costs of the administration of the examination. Now, applicants can make the payment to the University online using Payme online service. No additional fee is charged for making payment via Payme. All relevant costs are incurred by WIUT.