Tuition Fees Uzb
36,292,800 UZS
per year

Tuition Fees International
54,600,000 UZS
per year

3 years


Course description

The BA (Hons) Business Management course provides you with three pathways: Business Management, Business Management with Finance and Business Management with Marketing. No matter which one you choose, you will enjoy an academic experience with strong emphasis on development of business knowledge, skills and capabilities relevant to an ever evolving professional environment. The course will help you develop an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to ideas and issues and will enable you to pursue a successful career in the public or private sector, in business related professions or in setting up your own business. During the course, you will also develop a range of intellectual and professional attributes as well as transferable skills such as problem-solving, research, critical and creative thinking, team working and communication that will all assist you in gaining employment and adding value to an organisation. You will also get critical understanding of diversity in business practice, culture, social responsibility and ethics.

How you will study

You will attend lectures, interactive classroom activities and seminars. There will also be visits from speakers in the form of guest lectures, as well as workshops and practical sessions. You will take part in activities such as problem-solving exercises, cooperative student projects, informal group work, simulations, case studies and role playing. All of these activities involve higher order thinking and development of transferable graduate-level skills. Learning will be enhanced by the use of a variety of media and latest technology, making it effective, varied and enjoyable. The resources can be accessed through the University's online learning management system, textbooks, academic journals and other materials available in WIUT's Learning Resource Center. Relevant software systems are also provided in the computer labs.

You will be encouraged to learn independently throughout your studies. This may be in the form of case analysis/briefing, literature review, or research to support your assignments and projects. There will also be guided independent study periods during which you will be urged to interact with your tutors and lecturers for advice and guidance and to take responsibility for your own learning.

Course structure

Each year of study, you will have six modules (120 credits) from a combination of core, pathway core and option modules. The number of available option modules increases as you progress in your studies. Option modules offer you flexibility in choosing subjects that most suit your interest and career plans. A list of core and option modules is presented below according to each pathway.  

Business Management

Core modules

  • Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Introduction to Statistics and Data Science
  • Global Business Environment
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Financial Accounting

Plus One Option or Elective module

  • Tourism and its Dynamics
  • English for Academic Success
  • Any level 4 module from the WIUT Catalogue of Elective modules

Award of Certificate of Higher Education available

Core modules

  • Quality and Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management (pathway core)

Plus Two Pathway Option or One Pathway Option and One Elective module

  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Design Thinking for Learning
  • Professional Practice Learning from Work
  • Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Retailing Business
  • Any level 5 module from the WIUT Catalogue of Elective modules

Award of Diploma of Higher Education available

Core modules

  • Strategy in a Complex World
  • Project Management (pathway core)

Plus One Core Option

  • Dissertation
  • New Venture Creation

Plus Three Pathway Option or Two Pathway Option and One Elective module

  • Negotiations and Influence
  • Strategic Talent Management
  • Leading Across Boundaries
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Sales Management
  • Any level 6 module from the WIUT Catalogue of Elective modules

Award BA / BA (Hons) available

Please note: Not all option modules will necessarily be offered in any one year. In addition, timetabling and limited spaces may mean you cannot do your first choice of modules.


Know how businesses work

Throughout your studies you will develop an understanding of businesses and gain subject-specific knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Management, Operations, Human Resource Management, Business Communications and Strategy.

Find an entrepreneur in you

Design Thinking, Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation modules develop students’ creative mindset and teach them how to investigate the potential of a new business idea and how to create and evaluate new business models and commercialisation plans.

Pursue wide job opportunities

Our graduates work in private businesses, public organisations or they are self-employed. Their roles might include human resource management, financial analysis, operations management, research analysis, marketing management, budget analysis and accounting.  


Applicants should satisfy at a minimum one of the following requirements:
  • Successful completion of an appropriate International Foundation course; or
  • Successful completion of the first year of an appropriate degree course in a recognised Uzbek or similar university; or
  • Two GCE A level passes (in any subject excluding mother tongue), plus three GCSE passes at grade C or above including English Language and Mathematics; or NC/ND or HNC/HND. The range of academic disciplines studied is not hereby restricted, but certain vocational courses such as City and Guilds would not satisfy the admissions requirements; or
  • An Advanced General National Vocational Qualification (GNVQ); or
  • Any other equivalent qualification normally accepted as entry requirement (e.g. International Baccalaureate, etc.).

Applicants must have:

  • Completed their secondary education in English and achieved Grade C or above in the equivalent GCSE English exam; or

  • IELTS score of 6.0 with a minimum of 6.0 in the writing component; or

  • Successfully completed an appropriate International Foundation course with a "pass" in an Academic English module.

We accept the TOEFL (IBT (In person test) for entry to our programmes. We also accept TOEFL ‘My Best Scores’ where it relates to TOEFL iBT test results.

Please note that the TOEFL Home Edition (Online test) is not accepted for entry to WIUT degree programmes.

  • TOEFL should be 78 overall with a minimum of 17 in Writing

Applicants must have an acceptable level of competence in Mathematics. This could be demonstrated by one of the following:

  • A "pass" in a maths test approved by the University of Westminster (UK); or

  • Grade C or above in GCSE/’O’ Level Mathematics (or its equivalent); or

  • SAT mathematics component 570; or

  • Successful completion of an appropriate International Foundation course with "pass" in Quantitative Methods module.

  • Applicants will have to be 18 years of age at the start of the academic year. For the purposes of this regulation, the academic year runs from 1st October to 30th September of the following year. 
  • Applications are normally processed based on the documentation submitted on the WIUT admissions system. The University reserves the right to introduce other admission processes such as an interview.


Through the BA Business Management course you will get ready to pursue management and entrepreneurship roles in different types of organisations. You will graduate with the necessary set of knowledge and skills to meet proactively and creatively the challenges of a dynamic, technology-driven professional environment.

The course aims to help you develop a range of transferable skills highly valued by employers, such as leadership, business perceptiveness, critical thinking, professional presentation, communication, problem-solving and ability to work collaboratively. These skills will help you to pursue a career in every section of the economy – from retailing to manufacturing, government to “green” business as well as establishing your own business.

Most Business Management graduates continue their studies on a range of postgraduate programmes both locally and internationally.

Graduates employed at


Alisher Ismailov

Alisher Ismailov is the Course Leader of BA (Hons) Business Management since September 2022. 


Sarvinoz Anvarbekova
Sarvinoz Anvarbekova
BA in Business Management (2021)
M.A. International Business Hochschule 
Mainz, Germany
Thanks to Business Management course, I received not only academic qualifications but also acquired transferable skills which are crucial in our changing world. I should also highlight the diversity of subjects that distinguishes this course from others. The course provided me with educational background in HR and marketing but also in finance, accounting and statistical analysis.
I really appreciate the value of knowledge that I gained during my studies.  Acquired skills and qualifications currently serve as prerequisites for my Master’s degree abroad. I am proud to be a graduate of Business Management and highly recommend it as a start to your academic journey!  
Asad Bukhari
Asad Bukhari
BA in Business Management (2018)
Karachi, Pakistan
As an international student at WIUT, my experience was indeed very productive. Not only were we provided with theoretical insights in the form of lectures, but also real life case examples and the application of those theories in tutorials. WIUT encompasses a wide ranging student experience that enables you to grow both professionally and socially. The WIUT MUN, for instance, is one of the finest in Central Asia and signifies diversity and inclusion. These are values that WIUT strives for and instills in its students, thus the WIUT experience is one that will transform you into a viable professional, equipped with the skills to succeed in the corporate world.
Nigora Safieva
BA in Business Management (2021)
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Saying that Westminster has changed my life would be an understatement. I studied Business Administration which encompassed all spheres of business like marketing, finance, HR, etc. Consequently, it made me comfortable in all areas that business can be part of i.e. versatile. University helped me to develop my leadership skills, interpersonal skills, research, creativity and discipline. My approach towards work has always been different from other employees, they always highlight my passion, enthusiasm and work ethics towards the job I'm doing. It’s a pleasure to hear someone say “The company you’re working for has become so much better after you. I can see the changes”. The thing that WIUT embraced in me is differentiation.


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