The distinctive feature of the university has become its social life, where students actively participate in the cultural events, contests, attend creative and social clubs, and create their own social projects.

Realizing the undeniable influence of creativity on the development of soft skills, Social Engagement Section fully supports the students' initiative.


One of the aspect that makes WIUT one of the top Universities in Uzbekistan and the wider region is that here you can find great variety of clubs. Students join up for very different reasons. They may join a club initiated by your peers where qualified mentors provide the sufficient professional knowledge of the certain extracurricular field. Many years of social clubs work have become the most significant, as the students of the “non-profiling” university were able to succeed in the creative industries. For example, Drama Club annually presenting its own performances within the walls of the university entered the big stage of the Republican Youth Theater. To demonstrate their talent participants of Vocal Club and other talented students are welcomed to participate in the traditional annual event Talent Show, where they gain mass acknowledgement, increase self-confidence and get encouraged to keep developing their creativity skills. Attending such clubs as Art and Photography students will dig deeper not only to their talents but also become a participant of annual Exhibition, where their pieces bring them wide recognition.

Cultural Events
Organization of cultural events, such as Culture Fair is an integral part of the life of the university. Cooperation with cultural centers and embassies presented in the capital is another interesting project that serves the development of interethnic relations, fostering tolerance and comprehensive development of students.

Another traditional event has become the Runway Show. Since the fashion industry is constantly gaining popularity in the modern world and takes the highly profitable niche, our creative and enterprising students succeeding even hear. Runway Show is a great chance for students to demonstrate their own outfit collections along with famous national designers and try themselves as the runway models on the professional podium.


WIUT students are particularly special because they take pleasure not only in fun but also in something that makes a difference – a difference for the society, for the community. In addition to the development of the creative potential of students, much attention is paid to such aspects as charity, sustainability and healthy lifestyle. By conducting relevant contests and fundraising events, a sense of responsibility, mindfulness and mercy is brought up in students. By the initiative of Social Department in 2011 the main charity organization Warm Heart Foundation was launched, where the proactive students became a team of leaders and volunteers of good deeds. For many years WIUT students support children’s hospitals, orphanages, boarding schools, kids with disabilities and low-income families. Every year the students strive to raise charity funds with other donations and increase awareness about the importance of their movement.  Besides the material support, the students are willing to share their knowledge and give the attention to those who need it the most. In 2018, a new project Education for Change became another successful charity movement. The amount of students taking initiative to provide free Math and English classes to the children in need has rapidly grown by now and the results of that project do not go unnoticed.

Every year the university hosts more than 30 social events, contests and projects where students’ accredited work can bring the points to their achievements. Hundreds of students and guests are annually involved in the WIUT social life.

To maintain and develop the traditions of the university in the field of cultural and social life, we aim to introduce new projects and advance existed ones year by year.


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