Health and Welfare

Medical Insurance
WIUT offers comprehensive health benefits and insurance programmes. All academic staff and full-time administrative staff members are provided with Medical Insurance cards. New employees receive their Medical Insurance cards as soon as they successfully pass the Probationary period.

Financial aid (in case of a serious illness, a surgery, etc.)
WIUT helps its staff members financially, when they face serious health problems.

Annual medical examination and vaccination against Covid-19 and flu
WIUT Health Centre organises medical examinations and vaccination (against Covid-19 and flu).

Life Insurance

The University provides Life Insurance for all local WIUT full-time staff members.

The university is highly interested in growth of its employees through intensive developing programmes aimed at bettering the performance of the human resources

Flexible Scheduling

Working hours
We operate a flexible 40-hour working week with the actual times of attendance to be arranged with a Line Manager.

Maternity leave
WIUT offers a two-year paid maternity leave to local staff.

Sick leave
Officially recorded absence days of employees, who are unable to work because of illness, are paid by the University.

Paid and unpaid leave
Administrative (professional and technical) and academic staff are entitled to 24 and 48 working days annual paid leave respectively.

Employees can request unpaid leave up to three months.

Business travel
Expenses for Staff Exchange Programmes, business trips (conferences, seminars, etc.) are fully funded by the University. The University covers the costs of airfare tickets and accommodation. Financial assistance for business trips covers accommodation and travel expenses as well as daily allowances. During a business trip, an employee retains the right to keep the position and the amount of her/his salary.


Sport and leisure facilities
Our fully-equipped indoor Sports Centre has a gym as well as an indoor stadium for mini-football, handball, badminton and volleyball. Outdoor sport facilities include basketball and football fields. Moreover, staff members can attend music, art club, yoga and fitness lessons.

Campus catering and canteens are available throughout our campus at affordable prices.

Tuition assistance

The University offers several schemes of a tuition reduction for eligible employees and their family members. A staff member must be employed in a full-time position to be eligible for tuition reduction benefits. Tuition reduction for a Bachelor’s degree (100%) is available for an employee’s children if the employee has worked for the university in a full-time position for more than four years. Tuition reduction for a Master’s degree (70% maximum) is available for the employee if he/she has worked for the University in a full-time position for more than one year.

All WIUT and WIUT Academic Lyceum full-time and part-time staff members, who have worked for WIUT for more than one year, but only whose work record books are kept by the HR of the University (excluding those who have limited contracts for a certain period of time) are eligible for applying for a Staff Support Scheme (tuition assistance).

Family Support

WIUT provides a number of family support benefits which include:

  • A payment for the purchase of agricultural products – 6 minimum salaries of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Financial support for a wedding - 8 minimum salaries of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Financial support for child birth – 2 minimum salaries off the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Financial support for funerals – depending on the degree of relationship according to the Collective Agreement of WIUT.

The University also provides interest-free loans to employees who meet the criteria stipulated in the “Policy of Interest free-loans”.

In addition to their salary, full-time staff members receive partial compensation for travel and food every month.

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