About the Union

WIUT Students’ Union, or shortly SU, is students’ self-governance body. By students, for students, it serves to assist, support and engage students in a range of exciting and valuable experiences, protect students’ rights and represent all WIUT students in all communications with internal and external parties. Its executives are elected annually to serve the term of one year.


Ilyosbek Ilkhomov - SU General Manager

General Manager is the separate institution of the SU Full-Time Officials from the Executive Cabinet and represents judicial power, controls the legality of the projects and activities of other SU members and other students’ associations at all.  

Shakhzod Makhmudov - SU President

President is the first person who represents interests of students of Westminster International University in Tashkent to the Administration and all other viable institutions interested.

Daler Sattarov - SU General Secretary

General Secretary generates SU fund. General Secretary can invest to projects approved by the SU Board. He is responsible for organizing fund- raising projects wAithin the University and General Secretary has the right to initiate fund-raising projects outside the University.


Dilnora Tojimova - SU Education and Welfare Executive

Education and Welfare Executive is responsible for the academic support of the SU Board to the students of Westminster International University in Tashkent. Education and Welfare Executive is the Representative in Chief for the Academic and Welfare Matters within the University and Dormitory.


Khurshid Azamov - SU Events and Entertainment Executive

Events and Entertainment Executive is responsible for the Social Activities and Events in the University and Complex Projects’ social activities.  He is responsible for Social, Art, Entertaining, Music and Drama Clubs of WIUT.


Yusuf Narimonov - SU Information and Communication Executive

Information and Communication Executive is responsible for providing and maintaining the appropriate level and channel of communication between Students and the SU Board members via e-mails, available media and other forms of electronic and printed communication.


Amirjon Vasidjanov- SU Sport Events Executive

SU Sport Events Executive is responsible for the all Sport Events at WIUT and for all Sport Clubs at WIUT. Also has a privilege right to organize Sport purpose Events. In case where the same project was planned earlier and written by other SU Executives, student(s) or students’ association(s), then SU Sport Events Executive should be stated as Senior Partner on the same project and should be aware of the progress of the project.


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