Designated Programme Leader – Creative Industries Management

JOB TITLE:       Designated Programme Leader – Creative Industries Management

REPORTS TO: Dean of the School of Business and Economics

Opening date: 04.07.2024

Deadline: 17.07.2024


CONTEXT:       The University has agreed to explore new areas for course provision, these shall be called Programme Development Areas. One of such areas relates to Creative Industries. The University needs to explore with external stakeholders the nature and need for the provision of a PG course in the area of Management of Creative Industries.  In addition, there is a need to explore the capacity and capability for the implementation of such provision.  To enable the University to explore the development of new Programme areas it is proposed to establish a temporary post from within the existing staffing capacity. The posts shall be temporary on the basis that the post would explore the provision and propose the cases for the development.

Principal Responsibilities

  • To develop a network of external stakeholders to explore the nature and need for the provision
  • To explore the developing trends and external forces that will influence the development of the provision, including but not limited to market needs assessment and industry analysis
  • To build a set of external advisors that can help develop the provision, contribute to the student experience through internships, field work, visiting lecturers, research and consultancy projects and possibly executive programmes
  • To organize events and meetings with such external stakeholders to gather intelligence on the needs and trends of the environment
  • To prepare briefing papers on the external stakeholders and their interests, the nature and development of the external driving forces that would shape the programme provision in the University
  • To prepare planning papers as required
  • To organise internal events and planning meetings as necessary
  • To carry out internal analysis of the capacity and capability, development needs of the University to sustain the development of the provision
  • To explore the support needs for the new provision through internal networking within the University
  • To develop an outline for the future provision and coordinate the design and development of its curriculum content
  • To lead the development and launch of the new provision


Person Specification

The appointee should be able to demonstrate the following:


  • A postgraduate degree in related area
  • Subject expertise in the designated prograqmme area
  • English to a high standard


  • External networking experience and contacts in the designated programme area
  • Experience of management of colleagues
  • Policy development and/or curriculum development design

Aptitudes, Abilities, Skills and Personal Qualities

Candidates should be able to provide evidence that they possess the following aptitudes, skills and personal qualities

  • An understanding of the need to develop systems
  • Information systems skills
  • Analytical and synthesis skills
  • Logic and operational focus
  • Training and Development skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Good interpersonal, presentational and social skills
  • Strength of mind and absolute integrity

How to Apply

To apply please complete the application form online.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Review other job vacancies at


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