Students’ Union General Manager

JOB TITLE:             Students’ Union General Manager

DEPARTMENT:      Student support service

REPORTS TO:        Director of Student Support Services


PURPOSE:               Students’ Union General Manager leads the overall strategy and direction of the Students’ Union and serves as the recognised representative channel between the Students’ Union and the University. All students of Westminster International University in Tashkent are members of the Students’ Union. 


CONTEXT:           The Students’ Union (SU) Executive Board is a student representative structure, consisting of elected executive officers. SU is elected on annual basis by students’ open vote.  Students Union General Manager is a post employed by the University who is to work alongside the elected officers of the WIUT SU to ensure the Union’s vision, goals and core values are achieved through the effective management of the organisation’s resources. To ensure the Union operates effectively on a day-to-day basis maximising benefit to our members.



  • To maintain high standards of performance across all SU operations.
  • To co-ordinate the development and implementation of the Union's strategic plan, alongside the Elected Officers.
  • To administer and enforce laws, rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to student life activities, including student rights and responsibilities, conduct code, student government, student-led events, and other student activities and programs.
  • To oversee SU communications including digital and social media channels.
  • To keep accurate paper-based and electronic records for the Union, whilst ensuring that data protection procedures and policies are followed.
  • To encourage continuous improvement and efficiency in planning and delivery.
  • To ensure that all SU events and services are organised and promoted effectively.
  • To serve as the liaison between the SU and the National Youth Union, WIUT’s administration, Student Support Services and in particular the Social Engagement section to ensure the coordination and effective organization of events, societies, clubs, activities and services.
  • To work with the University on key policies which impact students and WIUT SU.
  • To support and provide guidance to Elected Officers, including objective setting, regularly
    reviewing progress and ensuring the necessary support is in place.
  • To ensure there is continuity within the transitional periods for Elected Officers.
  • To be responsible for all budgeting and financing matters relating to SU, maintaining
    appropriate policies and procedures.
  • To work together with the President, to ensure that the Students' Union Elected Officers are able to fulfil their roles.
  • To oversee the management of finances and to ensure that effective systems and procedures of financial and budgetary controls are in place for the long term stability of the Union providing management information as and when required.
  • To ensure all SU activities abide by the Students' Union's Constitution, policies and
  • To participate in appropriate training and Continuous Professional Development.
  • To act at all times in a manner which promotes a positive impression of the Students' Union to members, staff, the University and the wider community.
  • To undertake the tasks and responsibilities as required by the SU General Manager’s role of the Youth Union’s Primary Unit (hereinafter Primary Unit) Leader, namely:
    1. providing leadership to the initial organization's activities;
    2. ensuring the effective organization of the initial organization's activities; guiding the activities of the Course Representatives;
    3. supporting and encouraging the initiatives of SU executives and other students;
    4. leading the activities of the initial organization of the higher education institution; protects the rights and interests of the students of the higher education institution; establishes and manages the activities of the Primary Unit;
    5. presenting requested information, data, and reports to the higher-standing organizations regarding the activities of the Primary Unit;
    6. carrying out tasks in accordance with the designated functions of the Primary Unit, ensuring the implementation of the assignments of higher-level supervisers and the Rector of the University; ensuring purposeful use of allocated premises, material and technical resources, and funds of the Primary Unit;
    7. conducting activities as a member of the Academic Council, representing the interests and supporting student youth and young pedagogical staff at the working groups and the Academic Council.



The person appointed to this post should be able to demonstrate the following essential elements:



  • A Bachelor’s degree is required
  • Competence in English, Uzbek, Russian both oral and written
  • Must be a graduate of WIUT



  • Must be a graduate of WIUT
  • Experience as the Students’ Union Executive Officer
  • Experience organizing and coordinating social events/activities
  • Evidence of working in teams
  • Managerial experience is preferred



  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Teamworking abilities
  • Interest in people and process
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good knowledge of MS Office


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